Sponsorship and Exhibition

The of 14th Annual Scientific Meeting of APSCVIR 2019 aims to provide plenty of opportunities to interact and network with each other for the mutual collaboration in this prestigious Event:

E-Poster Exhibition
To emphasize the scientific value of 14th Annual Scientific Meeting of APSCVIR 2019, the Organizing Committee will cordially call the Delegates to contribute in the clinical development of Radiology and Interventional Radiology, and have their presentation of research studies related to this exciting field. The E-Poster Booth will be located in prime area, which provides the Company with superior levels of exposure and well involvement.

Registration Exhibition
There is always room to grow when it comes to promoting your brand. Having the right branding showcase oozes the displays and signs can make a huge difference to highlight what is unique about your business. A great and successful registration booth is an instant draw for Delegates.

Welcome & Faculty Dinner
Welcome & Faculty Dinner 21 February 2019 will be a significant opportunity for Company to establish special links with the key-opinion-leaders and their End-User Delegates from the very beginning of this premier event in uplifting view of tropical garden.

Hors D’Oeuvres (Welcome Reception)
Throwing a cocktail welcome reception prior to the versatile Cultural Fest Dinner on 23 February 2019 Afternoon will be an exclusive treat for the Company to the key-opinion-leaders and their End-User Delegates in tastefully lounge & bar.

Cultural Fest BBQ Dinner
14th APSCVIR Organizing Committee has set up a Cultural Fest Dinner for conference registrants. The pool side cultural entertainments will be good opportunities for participants to meet and renew old acquaintances or establish new links. All participants are cordially invited to attend the Cultural Fest Dinner on Saturday Evening, 23 February 2019.

Life in 360° Exhibition
The unique breakthrough to immerse Delegates in your Brand with the special 14th APSCVIR photo session feed by Life in 360° for memorable Event ever, as well as your radically distinctive company showcase. The exclusive involvement for Delegates photo competition with prizes will even reverberate your branding post-14th APSCVIR.

Exhibition Bingo!
To enliven the Exhibition, the 14th APSCVIR will drive all the Delegates to full visit each booth. The Samsung Galaxy S8 android smartphone will be the primary door prize to raise levels of Delegates physiological nerve. The rest is your job to wow our Delegates with information about your Company, products or services.

Exclusive Booth Lounge
The spacious Exclusive Lounge is the ultimate in 14th APSCVIR ensuring creative crowd and change to experience what makes your booth lounge worth to stop: pop-up coffee brewing and Barista every morning and during the days.

Hospitality Suite
Dedicated hospitality suite provided for your exclusive showcase and use during this prestigious Event will enable you to exclusively brief your existing End-Users and prospectus Delegates, as well as an opportunity to conduct Breakfast Meeting and/or Hands-On Demonstration in your Hospitality Suite.

Education Session
Facing the imminent challenges, it’s your opportunity to broaden the Delegates’ scientific understanding your Company product and enable the Delegates to prosper the changing world.

Associate Partners
Explore the fruitful participations and being our associate partners

Sponsorship & Exhibition
Indonesian Society of Interventional Radiology (ISIR) has officially appointed GEO Pro to full manage the conference programme; arrangement; correspondence, and administration management, linked to APSCVIR 2019.

Companies, whose are interested working in partnership for this outstanding Event, may contact secretariat representative for further detail & communication.